The timeless and true „driving forces“ of the universe, and how they can be (fully) used – either negatively or positively!

by Hans on 15/06/2018



Nikola Tesla (1857-1943) – American inventor. Photograph, 1915. – Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS,

Image „Public Domain“.



The actual meaning as well as the correlation of 

1) the “universal energy” (“ether”, “ekaasha” or “scalar energy”),
2) the “universal life energy” (“chi”, “ki”, “praana”, “odem” or – with Wilhelm Reich – “orgon”),

and 3) the forces of electromagnetism:



In the two fundamental, opposing contexts of the agenda of
the “New World Order” and an authentic spirituality!





In response to the following interview for The Shift – by Doug McKenty:


Chemtrails and the Space Fence Lockdown, with Elana Freeland


Elana Freeland is a leading anti-geoengineering activist, here in

a revealing interview – „for making the Shift”:





PS) See also this overview on Doug McKenty´s YouTube channel „The Shift“,
with important interviews.




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[The table of contents]



I) The broad spectrum of electromagnetism

II) What thereto is “death giving” (Elana Freeand)?


III) What distinguishes “the universal energy” akaasha and “the universal life energy” praana?

IV) In the words of the giant genius Nikola Tesla, and on his philosophical source

V) The connection of akaasha and praana to the “deep states” of individual contemplation


VI) Elana Freeland with Rudolf Steiner´s Anthroposophy,
and the context of its Old Indian sources

VII) The universal energy and the universal life energy in the Old Indian sense


VIII) The usage of these basic energies by the psychopathocrats in power

IX) The esoteric “New Age” and the “controlled opposition” as further manifestations of the ultimately Jesuit agenda of the “New World Order”

X) The clear indications of the “esoteric knowledge” of the leading Jesuits


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The actual article)


I) The broad spectrum of electromagnetism:


Elana’s distinction  (start with Doug´s statement from 1 hour 13 minutes) between electromagnetism as „death giving“ and etheric energy as „life giving“ seems incorrect.

For electromagnetism appears in a very broad spectrum of wave lengths and frequencies. The „light“ or „colour“ essential to all life on earth e. g. are one visible part of that whole spectrum.

The planet earth’s magnetic field is another electromagnetic phenomenon.

According to the known American orgon expert and representative of the „electric universe“ – the electrical engineer Ken Rohla – all electromagnetism is simply an invisible “manifestation” of that fundamental universal energy.

This basic universal energy is called „ether“ in Western alchemy, „scalar energy“ in modern physics, or „akaasha“ in the Old Indian systems.




II) What thereto is “death giving” (Elana Freeand)?


There are „death giving“ ranges of that electromagnetical spectrum.

These are particular wave lengths and frequencies which are being used by the psychopathocrats against the (real) „human being“ for the purposes of „total control“.

But this does not make electromagnetism in its whole spectrum (as that invisible “manifestation” of that etheric, scalar or akaashic energy) „death giving“.





III) What distinguishes “the universal energy” akaasha and

“the universal life energy” praana?



That „universal energy“ (ether, scalar energy or akaasha) and the „universal life energy“ (chi, ki, praana, odem or, with Wilhelm Reich, orgon) are not identical – as Elana Freeland is stating in that interview with Doug Mckenty on his channel “The Shift”.

There is a great example from a befriended „dharma“ teacher (the spiritual laws of the „dharma“, literally “what supports”, is the historical Buddha´s term for his practice teaching).

The American Bhikkhu Yogavacara Rahula is illustrating that basic difference well (see my summary after the video – which is also from another, unrecorded talk by him here in Hamburg):


Or – a shorter talk specifically on „The Body-Mind connection“:



After the conception of a woman a single cell grows into an organism with many billion cells. The immense fundamental energy underlying that growth is that „universal energy“ akaasha etc.
It is the very same “universal energy” that is even “moving” the planets, suns and galaxies.

But that „consciously organizing“ force „knowing“ how to „direct“ the growth of that single cell into a most particular or distinct living organism (by “realizing” the respective „karmic“ set of akaashic informations), and within specific life circumstances, is the „universal life energy“ praana etc.





IV) In the words of the giant genius Nikola Tesla, and on his philosophical source:


This basic relation in the words of one of the greatest geniuses in human history, Nikola Tesla:

“All perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, or tenuity beyond conception, filling all space – the akasha or luminiferous ether.

It is acted upon by the life giving force Prana or the creative force – calling into existence, in never-ending cycles, all things and phenomena.”

Nikola Tesla: Man´s Greatest Achievement, 1907


Vedic Influences on Nikola Tesla



The curator of the museum of science in Belgrad, Maria Sesic, in this latter video:


“In many of his letters Tesla wrote that if he were to chose a religion it would be Buddhism.”


Nikola Tesla´s idea of free energy was based on Vedic philosophy





V) The connection of akaasha and praana to the “deep states” of individual contemplation:


There are certain „dharmic“ deep states of contemplation, focus or the heart-mind´s composure that have been taught by the historical Buddha:

They are named „infinite space“ and „infinite consciousness“.

They reflect that basic difference as well:


The heart-mind´s composure state of “infinite space” means one´s inner unity with the akaasha, since all „space“ constitutes the „locus“ of the “universal energy” akaasha.

The heart-mind´s composure state of the “infinite consciousness” means one´s inner unity with the praana, since all „consciousness“ constitutes the „locus“ of the “universal life energy” praana.





VI) Elana Freeland with Rudolf Steiner´s Anthroposophy, and the context of its Old Indian sources:


Elana Freeland is closely following Rudolf Steiner´s Anthroposophy.

# With the anthroposophical teaching of the “four ethers” – of “warmth”, “light”, “sound” and “life” – a distinction between “ether” and “life”(-energy) is not made.

Besides, “electromagnetism” does not come in here.


# According to the above-quoted Old Indian and some modern physicist views the electromagnetism as a whole is an “invisible” expression or manifestation of the ether or the akaasha.

On the next and “grosser” level the visible characteristics of the material world – such as “light”, “colour”, “warmth” and “sound” etc. – are the visible, sensible or audible expressions or manifestations of the spectrum of electromagnetism.

Thus there is no basic opposition between “ether” and “electromagnetism”.

Human beings are electromagnetic creatures, and as such potentially fully “conscious” integral parts of the “electrical universe” that is being moved by the etheric, akaashic or scalar energy.


# But Elana has postulated a clear “dualism” here, by saying (1 hour 26 minutes 40 seconds):

“We are not just electromagnetic creatures, we are also etheric creatures.”

This quote in combination with her suggestion that “electromagnetism” in general would be “death giving” (not only particular expressions of wavelengths and frequencies of its spectrum), whereas the ether would be “life giving”, that “dualism” postulated regarding the human constitution reflects the Abrahamitic belief in a “negative” or a “bad” human nature.

# Elana´s philosophical father, Rudolf Steiner, has been an explicit Christian:

Against this backdrop he has synthesized the core tenets of the Old Indian Brahmanism (the “reincarnation” of a “self” in a hierarchy of “castes”) with the core features of Abrahamitic monotheisms (Judaism, Christianity and Islam – the belief in an eternal “soul” and “highest god” as well as the claim to exclusivity of the those three Abrahamitic religions).

Accordingly, Rudolf Steiner has taught a “reincarnation” of a “soul” in a hierarchy of “cultures” or “civilizations” (with the Abrahamitic “West” representing the highest Old Indian “caste”).


# Another background for Elana´s opposition could well be:


The giant genius Nikola Tesla is the world´s grand master of knowledge about the electromagnetism and its numerous practical (as well as misused and withheld) applications. But he has also put the electromagnetism into an “opposition-less” or intimate connection with the universal energy “ether” or “akaasha” and the universal life energy “praana”!





Nikola Tesla e. g. (in an old interview):


“Electricity I am. Or, if you wish, I am the electricity in the human form.

You are electricity, too. But you do not realize it.”


Or under this link:


“Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe.

Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite space.”


Nikola Tesla´s “philosophical” orientation has mainly been towards the spiritual sides of the ancient India and the historical Buddha´s teaching, but not towards the Abrahamitic religions. So that opposition of the anthroposophist Elana Feeland may also well express her “delimitation” against that “opposition-less” intimate connection as Nikola Tesla has clearly made it.





# The Eastern religions – of the historical Buddha´s teaching, the philosophical schools of Hinduism, such as Vedanta, or Jainism and Taoism  – all deal with impersonal spiritual laws; and they teach an unconscious awakened nature of the human being, but not a “sinful” one, as Abrahamitism does.

„Satanism“ as the „religious“ ideology of various „secret societies“ of essentially psychopaths can only exist in the context of that latter idea.

And there is no belief in a „Satan“ without the belief in an Abrahamitic highest „God“ – just as e. g. „high“ does not make any sense without subconsciously comparing it to „low“.


# The historical Buddha (India, 5th-4th century B.C.) – particularly favoured by Nikola Tesla (see that museum curator´s quote) – has denied all the key beliefs of Brahmanism, such as a “reincarnation”, a reincarnated “self” or the “caste system” as representing any true spiritual reality.

According to the oldest “Buddhist” sources (of the Pali Canon) there are numerous debates between the historical Buddha and the Brahmins. In fact, many Brahmins have actually become convinced followers of the Buddha´s teaching after those debates.

The Buddha has taught a “rebirth” process of an impersonal “stream” of consciousness (“not-self”).

The reborn being is considered as “neither the same nor another” as compared to the formerly died being within that “same” stream of consciousness.

This process is governed by the forces of “Karma” – defined as the individual quality of the intentions and the views, and totally irrespective of the affiliation to any “caste” or any “civilization”.

So in this spirituality it is exclusively the “inner quality” of each and every concrete individual that “counts”.

In this sense it is deeply anti-“collectivist” and anti-“externalist”!

It is the „eptome“ of the „spiritual individualism“ – the strongest counterforce to all forms of „collectivism“.





# A basic article of mine (but it is rather specific and not easily intelligible) – on this nature of the historical Buddha´s teaching:

The path of the ,individual awakening´ (pratyeka bodhi) independently from “religious” tradition


# An advisable website on the historical Buddha´s teachings (plain, but with modern translations of most of the Buddha´s discourses from the Pali Canon as well as many commentaries).





VII) The universal energy and the universal life energy in the Old Indian sense:


The “ether” is simply the all-moving universal energy and as such absolutely (!) “neutral”.


It is just the fundamental cosmic energy which – in combination with the “universal life energy” chi, ki, praana, odem or orgon – can manifest itself either negatively or positively, harmfully or a helpfully (by the respective “frequencies”), or in a destructive or a constructive manner.


# On the topic of frequencies see this documentary much advised by Elana Freeland in that interview:


Resonance: Beings of Frequency



# The German channel Grenzwertig on the frequencies:


Das Verbotene Wissen über Frequenzen und deren unglaubliche Macht

Die Verbotenen Frequenzen und deren Geheimnis: Nikola Tesla kannte es


# That double complex of the “energy” ether or akaasha with the “life energy” chi, ki, praana, odem or orgon can be individually contacted and used in either way – by the conscious will, intention, determination, emotion and view, if they are based on a strong and “exclusive” inner focus.


# See this own article on the relationship of those individual forces to that “neutral” energy and life energy field that is being called the “quantum field of infinite possibilities” by Dr. Joe Dispenza:


# If that double complex is used in a negative way in order to realize different “egoic” or “psychopathic” purposes to the detriment of others they are also being realized. But the “timeless” quality of that double complex ultimately does not distinguish between self and others within that realization of the desired in the longer “time” run.

Therefore the world intended and created for others will be the world experienced by the agent, sooner or later (beyond the current life where former “Karma” may prevent specific retroactions).

It follows that if that “world” that is being created for others is affecting numerous beings it will be this collective suffering or this collective happiness of these numerous beings which will be experienced by the “same” agent (i. e. his stream of consciousness) at a later time.

The ether or the akaasha in “cooperation” with the praana will “direct” and “manifest” this “same” agent in the respective “fruition” situation for the experience of that retroaction.


# This all happens according to the universal law of “Karma” (literally “that which effects” including “that which retroacts”). It reflects the universal principle of counterbalance.

But this does not mean any “punishment” or any “reward”. It simply means a lawful universal principle of a counterbalancing “recompense causality”

It means that long-term lawful actualization – i. e. without ultimately distinguishing between self and others – of the forces of one´s subjective will, intentions, determinations, emotions and views in the form of a particular life, in a particular material shape or body and under particular circumstances which are “apt” for the by that law “necessary” karmic retroactions.


# On the subject of “Karma” – as that “which has effects” in the superordinate “etheric”, “akaashic” and “praanic” web of all things and as that which directly as well as indirectly retroacts on the agent – see this own description (separate from any „religious“ or „Buddhist“ dogmas and beliefs as well as applied to political purposes in the modern context).


# The possibility of that „either way“ usage also applies to the electromagnetism:

As that invisible expression of that universal energy, according to Nikola Tesla, or today e. g. according to the electrical engineer and „orgon“ expert Ken Rohla.

Here Ken Rohla also goes into that relationship – „The Physics of How Consciousness Creates Reality“.

Since mainly psychopaths in power have used the electromagnetism and Nikola Tesla’s discoveries in a negative way we are currently confronted with e. g. a „space face lockdown“, Elana is specialized on, the „haarp“ or „nexrad“ systems for „weather warfare“, the extensive „mind control“ programs via the inhaled nano-metals, smart dust or nano-bots, the chemtrails, an increasingly chaotic and dangerous world weather, the „global dimming“ (today ca. 25 % less sunlight than some decades ago), and whatever else.

If it had been positively used, as Nikola Tesla had always intended it, today´s world would be a paradise of free energy and an unharmed nature. So it all just depends on the „quality“ of the individual „awareness“ – as expressed in different intentions, determinations, views and the resultant actions:

The „Karma“ (literally „what effects“ including retroacts).


# Only a human being can exert his or her “free will”.

There may be past “karmic winds” blowing into a particular direction for each individual. But the individual “sails” can always be “set” differently in the changing situations, even to sail „against“ the wind. Thus the “wholesome” direction should always be chosen – in one´s highest interest.


With the historical Buddha, in the ancient “The Path of the Law” (Dhammapada):


“Forsake the unwholesome, make the wholesome, master your heart-mind!

This is my teaching!”


The “Golden Rule”:


“Do NOT do to others what you do not want to experience yourself!”



# Any Abrahamitic religious ideology of “god chosenness” or “exceptionalism” (such as the American neoconservativism, the Jewish Zionism or all forms of the Islamism) are really a strong unwholesome counterforce to the individual realization of those above-mentioned eternal spiritual laws.

Also Rudolf Steiner´s teaching of a hierarchy of “reincarnations”, with the West constituting the kind of “top”, is not conducive to the realizations of those above-mentioned eternal spiritual laws.


# Ultimately, these are all just “ego”-reconfirmatory human ideological constructions.

The “eternal field” of the akaasha with the praana only “registers” that mentioned quality of the individual (!) intentions, determinations, views and resulting actions (see more on it below). It does so equally in the case of a Rockefeller, a Rothschild, a Jesuit “general”, the pope, a president or any order-follower as in the case of a middle-class citizen or the slum-dweller in Calcutta.

That impersonal „field“ is not interested in those human ideologies or religions – only insofar as what they (negatively) do to the individual intentions, determinations, views and resulting actions.


# The historical Buddha has emphasized the preciousness of the human existence, since it includes the free will; and thus is the best situation for realizing the path of awakening.

But he has also emphasized that it is difficult to attain and quite easy to waste this opportunity.

According to him there are four basic possibilities:


To go from an unconducive starting situation to the more unconducive or to the more conducive. And to go from a conducive starting situation to the unconducive or to the more conducive. Mostly people are chosing the “unconducive” option, due to the not understood “samsaric” forces.


# If a (human) being is e. g. reborn in the West and in particular materially conducive circumstances it does not mark any final or definite stage, as Rudolf Steiner has suggested it – with his „hierarchical“ or „caste“-like teaching of „reincarnation“.
For if that conducive situation is not being used for wholesome purposes the future situation would be unconducive; and it could also happen anywhere (and not even necessarily again as a human being). The only „final“ stages are the so-called „definite stages of awakening“, beginning with the so-called „stream entry“ (sotapatti) – open to anybody and everywhere.
It all just always depends on the respective individual´s heart-mind maturity, introspective awareness and the according usage of his or her „free will“.





# See on this whole topic also my explanation of the „Buddhist“ so-called „Wheel Of Life“ (Samsara):


# The images with quotations below the facebook version of this article (see above at the start) appear in different consecutive categories – in accordance with the main topics of the article.

Some of the images have been explained or, if the quotes are in German, translated by me.

Note) There is a very instructive discussion below one of these images – the real (!) serpent or reptile audience hall in the Vatican, with its most peculiar „Jesus“-figure:

Click here to read it! 

Then the large image with all the comments on the right side appears.

If you click this large image away the comments appear in a full screen version.



VIII) The usage of these basic energies by the psychopathocrats in power:


The known psychopathocrats in power, or, more precisely, those unknown psychopathocrats who are directing them, are using deliberately and exclusively those negative, harmful or destructive manifestations of the “universal energy” of the ether or the akaasha.

Just as all “black magic” has ever been doing it, too.


# According to the experts on the topic of the deep(est) state those mostly unknown psychopathocrats are the extremely secretive “Jesuit Order” behind their different “front” organizations.

It has “esoteric” knowledge enabling it to pursue its agenda!


See e. g. this great docu on the – Historical Origins of the Jesuit Order!

The beginning part of this docu gives a very good insight into their “esoteric” knowledge:



Also very instructive on it (and rather short) – Jesuits and Occult Secret Societies



# The Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction – which is for the high ranking or the leading Jesuits alone – is already enough to understand the “quality” of their fundamental motivation.

Everybody should know it (and every Catholic seriously ponder what he is actually supporting):


# The key to dealing with the Jesuit Oder and to understanding it is the science on psychopaths in power. Without it there will be a certain disbelief, no matter how strong the evidence is.

Here is a central interview (with further links) with the editors of the main scientific work on the small minority of psychopaths in many positions of power – by professor Andrzej Łobaczewski “Political Ponerology, a science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes”:


The Trick of the psychopath´s Trade


Born psychopaths are conscienceless beings (only externally human) who are totally obsessed with power, subjugation and control. Those in the positions of power have a strong manipulative intelligence and are the grandmasters of deception.

In some later Buddhist texts they are called “those without Buddha Nature”; and in the historical Buddha´s discourse those without conscience and shame.

In a born psychopath´s case the “ego” (or appropriating consciousness of “I and mine”) is identical with his nature. There is no awakenend nature below it, as the source of conscience.


# According to the oldest and indologically most reliable sources on the historical Buddha´s teaching (the discourses of the Pali Canon), he has strongly warned against the abuse of the states of the high inner absorption or focus which can even be used to develop supernatural abilities.

For the “power” going along with them can – against the backdrop of a lacking true spiritual maturity which consists in a highly developed ethical motivation, inner calm and wisdom – easily be misused in the form of realizing “unwholesome” motivations and views.

The “Karma” or the “karmic imprint” of those voluntative and cognitive forces and the resultant actions on that “timeless” double complex of the akaasha with the praana (emphasized also by Nikola Tesla) will – at the time of their fruition (and at what time is irrelevant for that complex) – lead to the most disastrous consequences for the respective “individual stream”.


# The scholar author Edmond Paris explains why he has written his fundamental and freely available work The Secret History of the Jesuits available here as a:



In different formats


“The public is practically unaware of the overwhelming responsibility carried by the Vatican and its Jesuits in the start of the two world wars – a situation which may be explained in part by the gigantic finances at the disposition of the Vatican and its Jesuits, giving them power in so many spheres, especially since the last conflict.”

“In fact, the part they took in those tragic events has hardly been mentioned until the present time, except by apologists eager to disguise it. It is with the aim of rectifying this and establishing the true facts that we present in this and other books on the political activity of the Vatican during the contemporary time which mutually concerns the Jesuits.”

“This study is based on irrefutable archive documents, publications from well-known political personalities, diplomats, ambassadors and eminent writers, most of whom are Catholics, even attested by the imprimatur.”


# The Jesuit Order was suppressed on 21 July 1773 by pope Clemet XIV, following the great pressure of different monarchies. This pope was murdered soon afterwards.


From the “must read” summary 10 Facts you must know about the Jesuit Order (apparently by Bible-believing Protestants, but a good and scientifically accurate summary).

„Between 1555 and 1931 the Society of Jesus [i.e., the Jesuit Order] was expelled from at least 83 countries, city states and cities, for engaging in political intrigue and subversion plots against the welfare of the State, according to the records of a Jesuit priest of repute [i.e., Thomas J. Campbell].

Practically every instance of expulsion was for political intrigue, political infiltration, political subversion, and inciting to political insurrection.“


# Since the readmission of the Jesuit Order on 7 August 1814, its whole strategy for the period of the modern word has been one of an utter concealment and secrecy.


# The “New World Order” of total control over reduced and mind controlled masses is ultimately their agenda. The known, hated and mostly debated front “deep state” is just the distracting “front”. That agenda is the “modern” attempt to recreate the medieval “Dark Ages”:

For during that time the Catholic Church as the disguised continuation of the Roman Empire see e. g. Joseph Atwill) was in total control over analphabetic and mind controlled masses of serfs.


# Today this attempt is being made by means of very sophisticated technology – e. g. with that “space fence lockdown”, the “geoengineering”, the “gmo”, the “vaccinations” etc., or economically with the “globalism”, the “corporatocracy”, and the various “false flag”- or lie-based wars, and politically with the “police” or “surveillance state” and the “migration weapon”, etc.


All with the aim of that “New World Order”, out of a deliberately and increasingly created chaos.

The three main “tools” for bringing it are the continuous lie- or “false flag”-justified wars, the “migration weapon” and the whole “geoengineering”, “weather wars” and “terraforming”.

These are all simply means to destabilize and to create that intended whole chaos— following the “Hegelian Dialectic” of at first creating a thesis and an anti-thesis and finally the desired synthesis.



1. Video) USA, North Carolina – Chadbourn, near Whiteville, December 28th – 2016.

From Jon Gardella, with his kind permission:





2. Foto) Licence, Creative Commons:





3. Foto) Switzerland – Aargau, Avril 30th – 2018, early morning.

From Raquel Röllin, with his kind permission:





4. Article)

A recent own article on the geoengineering (wherein the older ones are linked) – entitled:

*, Chemtrails are a conspiracy theory´ – meant seriously? (Video: Switzerland, Basel, Avril 28th, 8 a.m., from Hanna Willimann.)

No, they are clearly a conspiracy practice!“

(Please click the link of that title – for my article. The video just appears below it.)





# The ultimate satisfaction for the psychopathocrats in power is the inner (!) undermining or the destruction of the “human beings” – by making them adapt to psychopathic structures, by making them follow psychopathic orders (such as the chemtrail-pilots, the puppet scientists or intellectuals, the presstitutes, and the soldiers for the “false flag” or lie-based wars for the imperialist conquest), or by making them regurgitate psychopathic media propaganda etc.


Why do e. g. in average 25 American veterans a day commit suicide? Mainly because they have a conscience and are realizing what the have been used for.

Why has the old head of the Rockefellers (stolen, I mean) bought seven young hearts to prolongate his life to over hundred?

His stomach knew what would lie „ahead“.


Any set of intentions, determinations, views and resulting actions is “shaping” one´s heart-mind, whether they have come about through that adaptation or not.


The ultimate resistance to the psychopathocrats in power is to learn about, to deeply understand and to not let that inner adaptation or subtle „psychopathization“ happen!


# Only some of the “hard-core” scientific evidence for it all:


1) The deepest background:


Caesar´s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus



2) A very instructive interview with Joseph Atwill (the author of the bestseller Caesar´s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus) and a colleague:


Jesus never Existed, Rome Never Fell


3) My two larger articles with the evidence and the experts:

On the Jesuit Order, their “New World Order” agenda, the front “deep state” or the world´s most destructive couple, namely Jesuitism and Zionism:


Article 1


Article 2



4) A good overview documentary, on the history of the Jesuits:

Vatican Secret Societies, Jesuits and the New World Order



5) An instructive interview with Jamie Lee and Bruce Hillyer, e. g. on the Jesuit front organizations.


6) Eric Jon Phelps – The Jesuits in the 20th Century


For the Jesuits´ control over the American „Federal Reserve“, i. e. over endless monetary ressources for „their“ wars, it is enough to consider the the background to the following famous event.


# A concise summary by the experts:



# Historical fotos with written summaries:



# Eric Jon Phelps´Must-Hear“ on „Jesuits Sank The Titanic“:

„The truth behind the Titanic disaster that killed 3/4 of the passengers. Many of them where the richest people in the country who opposed the federal reserve.“


# „All Roads Lead To Rome“


7) The Rise of the Jesuits in History:

A very evidence-rich documentary about the Jesuit background to key modern historical events, and with references to crucial literature:



8) A collection of quotations on the Jesuit Order by leading personalities (also documenting the total change of the Jesuit strategy after their interdiction in 1773 and their readmission in 1814 from relatively “open” to utterly “secretive” and “concealed”):

A must-know!

The Jesuits“ or “The Society of Jesus“: Historians Expose Conspiracy to Rule the World




IX) The esoteric “New Age” and the “controlled opposition”

as further manifestations of the ultimately Jesuit agenda of the “New World Order”:


This agenda of the “New World Order” also bears on the religious field as the esoteric “New Age” and the different opposition movements as the “controlled opposition.


Just a brief summary here (because of the vastness of these two aspects):


# A leading expert on the “New Age” is Mark Passio:


His YouTube Channel

His website – What On Earth Is Happening


The “New Age” is mainly characterized by a systematic syncretism or amalgamation of the various ancient religions or spiritual teachings under the “roof” of the monotheistic belief in a “highest God” and sold as a higher unity or deeper understanding of those various religions or teachings.

It is simply a strategy to undermine the ability to clearly discriminate based on a coherent logic and a seeing awareness and to think for oneself in order to induce a deep manipulability.





Sometimes the Jesuits behind it can be clearly “detected”; e. g. in the influential Jesuit “Christian tradition” within the ancient Japanese practice of “Zazen”.

This whole tradition has been mainly fostered by P. Pédro Arrupe, the later “general” of the “Society of Jesus” (Jesuit Order) in Japan.

It includes in Japan such known figures as Father Enomiya Lasalle (Jesuit), theologist Kakichi Kadowaki (Jesuit) or theologist William Johnston (Jesuit – and the translator of the novel “Chinmoku” of a Japanese Catholic; it has become known in the West as “Slience” – the basis of the same film of Martin Scorcese, which is “whitewashing” the role of the Jesuits in ancient Japan); or in the German speaking countries Karlfried Graf Dürckheim (former convinced and high-positioned Nazi), Father Niklaus Brantschen (Jesuit) or Father Willigis Jäger (Benedictine), and more.


The old Japanese Zen tradition had nothing to do with the Jesuits:

The Zen practicing Samurai were those who at the behest of the Shogun killed, crucified or expelled numerous Jesuits at the beginning of the 17th century in Japan, after the Jesuit political and oppressive ambitions have become really clear there to the rulers of the nation.

Afterwards, Christianity was forbidden in Japan for centuries.



# There are various known figures within the different independent, alternative or opposition movements which can be easily spotted as “controlled opposition”.

It is too big a subject which should be properly dealt with in a separate way. So without mentioning names here the main characteristic of the “controlled opposition” should be pointed out:

It consists in an explicit and a regular addressing or “bashing” of the “Zionists” or generally the “Jews” – usually blurring the distinction between the Jews and the Zionists. But they are doing it in a clearly distracting manner, i. e. without or only very briefly ad wrongly dealing with the Jesuit Order.

Those figures of the “controlled opposition” are merely propagating a Jewish/Zionist “New World Order” or a Jewish/Zionist “world conspiracy” – out of the specific Jesuit hate of the Jews (as well as of the Protestants and the Muslims).

But the undoubtedly destructive, “Greater Israel”- or power hungry Zionist movement has always been supported by the Jesuit Order (see on this e. g. the leading experts on Jesuitism – although these experts are often believing, convinced Protestants they are also very evidence-based and have a thorough academical background, such as professor Walter Veith):





1) Eric Jon Phelps:


Jesuits Control the Zionist Movement


2) Johnny Cirucci:


# The Truth about Zionism – Vatican/Jesuit Connections


# Who was behind Hitler?


# The secret power of the Jesuits


3) See also here my larger article on the world´s most destructive couple – Jesuitism and Zionism.





X) The clear indications of the “esoteric knowledge” of the leading Jesuits:


The concealed but central aspect of the geoengineering of “indigo skyfold” or “indigo skyfall” is also strongly suggesting that “esoteric knowledge”.

It means the systematic blocking of the human pineal gland – in the Old Indian chakra system the pineal gland or the “third eye” has the colour “indigo”. For the pineal gland the main tool for the spiritual development – the “third eye” (see e. g. the dot on all Buddha images):

The “indigo skyfold” is happening through the combination of the nano-aluminium (as a core part of the chemtrails and the vaccinations), the glyphosate (via the “big agro” controlled acriculture) and the fluorides (that is in many daily products and often the water).

These three substances together mean in the human body not simply a threefold, but a hundredfold potentization of that blocking function of the pineal gland.

The former military insider and spiritual teacher Cody Snodgres in a fundamental interview by one of the leading “false flag” specialists, the Dane Ole Dhammegard:

Operation Indigo Skyfall


# The conscious breathing in and out has a core function for the inner awakening in the ancient Old Indian spiritual traditions, especially in the historical Buddha´s teaching.

For the details of this very practice see this good conversation between me and the orgon and keshe technology specialist Cody Tallant (don´t overlook the central subdiscussion there):

But that function of the conscious in- and out-breathing is of course strongly inhibited if the constantly inhailed air contains different harmful substances.





# Also the sun is central for the raising of the consciousness, e. g. with  the practice of the “sungazing”!


The “global dimming” as a result of the chemtrailing (there is ca. 30 % less sunlight today than some decades ago) is inhibiting this spiritual source.

This is also the case by the reduced production of the “sun”-vitamin D.






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