3) Das „universelle Gesetz“ Dharma „Was trägt“ versus „Religion“) Spirituelle „Praxis“ in Wahrheit!

by Hans on 14/06/2017







Vladimir Putin:

Where true spirituality meets and directs world politics





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Vladimir Putin:

Where true spirituality meets and directs world politics




1) Vladimir Putin’s authentic spiritual sources
2) What „Karma“ really means
3) Just good common sense
4) A specific compulsive thinking and its causes
5) The ancient matrix – monotheism; and about theological apologists
6) „Have you all lost your senses over there?“ instead of „mind“!
7) Not enough real problems?
8) The famed Oliver Stone and his thorough Putin interviews
9) The true reasons for the „Russophobic“ establishment and its support groups, including most Western „Buddhists“
10) The basics of freedom



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1) „Every Action has an an equal and opposite reaction“ (without determining how and when): This is wisdom and good common sense in world politics …
That statement has been one of the deep insights of Vladimir Putin – from the exclusive one-to-one interview with Megan Kelly (FOX, NBC) at the St. Petersburger Wirtschaftsforum (see the link below):
It is certainly one of the best short definitions of the so-called „Karma“ (literally „that which has effects“ including back-effects) which has ever been given.
# What hardly any observer realizes in this latter regard:
Putin is one of the highest masters of Judo (8th black belt) and even the honorary president of the „World Judo Association“.
Their explanation for this latter nomination: „Vladimir Putin is the ideal representative of the principles of Judo!“
His worldview and his political decisions are deeply informed by the Judo superordinate Japanese art of Budo or Bushido, i. e. the peaceful „way of the warrior“ – non-violently or skillfully directing the aggression of others back onto them to defeat them.
Just listen to that interview from this angle!
All Japanese Bu(shi)do is deeply informed by the universal laws explained by the historical Buddha, including „Karma“.
Here lies also the main reason why Putin is fully authentic. For it is utterly impossible to reach the highest levels of Bu(shi)do without authenticity and following one’s conscience as the highest „authority“.
By the way – as a younger man Vladimir Putin has been the co-author of a basic book on the Judo philosophy.
In the new, extensive interview with Oliver Stone (see below) he explicitely states that his whole view on life is summed up by the philosophy of Judo!
# The other reason for his authenticity is his personal background and his parents‘ most severe war experiences. He has also lost his only brother in the second world war.
The Russian people knows better than any other people what war really means. They hate it and want to avoid it. But if they are attacked the attacker has always lost and paid a very high price.




3) All the statements of Vladimir Putin at the St. Petersburger Wirtschaftsforum have simply been good common sense or down-to-earth wisdom, coupled with humour – being confronted with the views of the psychopathic Western war-mongerers or their presstitutes, as represented there by Megan Kelly.



4) That exclusive interview linked below e. g. is phenomenal:
Ca. 90 % of it deal with that virtual global running joke of the completely unproven accusation of Russian interference in the past US elections.
Mere assertions have nothing to do with evidence; and in the Washington case they have regularly been proven wrong by experts, just lies.
Besides the complete lack of real evidence, Vladimir Putin is right in stating that it would make no sense for Russia at all to interfere in the US elections because the US presidents change but the policies clearly remain more or less the same. The 16 US intelligence agencies the presstitutes are regularly pointing out were all convinced of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, too …! And letting alone the real evidence for numerous US interferences in numerous foreign elections, as Putin is also stressing here.




It is a specific compulsive thinking, ultimately born out of this two-fold complex:
A) The need to distract from all the mentally ill political decisions with their basic purpose of the American Zonist „New World Order“ dominated by corporate cacistocrats („elites“ is just a misleading propaganda term).
Helped by Washington’s Nato- or EU-vassals as well as coordinated with Washington’s two principal partners in that NWO-agenda, Israel and Saudi Arabia.
B) The metaphysical justification basis for that NWO agenda, namely:
The monotheistic religious ego-reconfirmatory delusion of „exceptionalism“ or „god chosenness“ – in the American Christianity, Judaism or Islam.
It is intrinsically accompanied by the dualistic monotheistic split of „good“ versus „bad/evil“. It is non-existent in the Buddha’s teaching – with its emphasis on the verifiable pair of „wholesome“ versus „unwholesome“.
Psychologically speaking this metaphysical, dualistic split is an ideal „hiding place“ for all psycho- and sociopaths, distracting the public from themselves by blaming certain others as so-called „enemies“ for practically everything.
Psychopaths are quite easy to determine: The contents of their notorious demonizations or „evil“-blamings in truth apply precisely to themselves.
On this pattern see the following great interview with the editors of the basic psychological work by professor Lobascewsky, „Political Ponerology“ – on a small minority of psychopaths in central positions of power:




5) „Exceptionalism“, whether the Christian, Jewish or Islamic version, is incompatible with this following „equality“ core of any true ethics:
„Do not do to others what you do not want to experience yourself!“
Today the pervasiveness of the „matrix“ or deception gets increasingly obvious.
# But it has always been like this!
Monotheism e. g. is an integral part of this ancient matrix. It has always been the perfect justification basis for psycho- and sociopaths (and where it has been used in another sense, by their nature well-disposed people have simply made the best out of the objectively highly deficient).
In human history there has e. g. been much more violence committed in the name of an allegedly highest, monotheistic „god“ and out of the ego-delusion of the monotheistic „exceptionalism“ or „god chosenness“ than in any other name or out of any other delusion!
# Or all modern forms of destructive imperialism – whether the American neoconservative aspiration for world hegemony, the Zionist Jewish plans of a „Greater Israel“ or the Saudi Wahhabist attempts of world conquest and global terror financing, in short, the whole „New World Order“ agenda – is justified by the ego illusion of the monotheistic „exceptionalism“.
The three main instruments of that agenda are – the constant, lie- or „false flag“-based wars and destructions, the directed „migration weapon“ as well as the geoengineering (Haarp, chemtrails, ocean seeding …).
Their purpose is global destabilisation, domination and unlimited exploitation or profit – according to the old, especially Anglo-American speciality of „split, ruin and rule“!
# Christianity e. g. has simply been – with all the irrefutable, hard scientific proofs – the clever invention of the Roman Empire with the help of learned Jewish collaborators – as a mind control tool in the Roman Empire´s very hard fight against the Jews and their belligerent messianic cult in the 1st century.
On this clear fact see the following documentary based on the bestseller of Joseph Atwill, „Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus“, as well as on the works of other scientists.
# In the case of Judaism and Islam or their fundamental(ist) sources Talmud, Torah, Koran and Hadiths it is a comparable case – of a mind control tool for the psychopathic manipulation, dumbing down or domination of people.
The simple monotheistic trick of manipulation:
If people believe utterly unverifiable nonsense directly contradicting nature in the sphere of the religious or „highest truths“ they can be made to believe any nonsense in any other field of the concrete life, too.
Those monotheistic sources are full of „exceptionalist“ ego reconfirmatory delusions or demands or justifications for war, conquest, forced conversion, murder, torture, oppression, polygamie, pedophilia or animal sacrifice.
# That there are also some other statements – constantly emphasized or systematically overinterpreted by all sorts of theological apologists – does not change that fact at all; or does not change that incomparable monotheistic history of violence and oppression at all.
In its size this latter history as compared to the violence in the Buddhist history is just like the size of Russia as compared to that of Denmark.
But here those theological apologists of Christianity, Judaism or Islam are constantly talking about Denmark. It makes the small place appear really big!
In Germany there is e. g. the magnum opus by Dr. Karl-Heinz Deschner, „The Criminal History of Christianity“ (literally translated) – with ca. 6000 pages in 11 volumes and with ca. 100 000 proves.
The scientific estimates for the murders in the course of the numerous Islamic conquests and invasions amount to ca. 300 million people.
Judaism is integrally led by the „root exceptionalist“, Zionist desire for world domination or a one-world-government.
It manifests itself also in direct violence, but more importantly in destructive ideologies.
# Besides, the Abrahamitic monotheism has been enforced in the occident. It is objectively a foreign body here.
For there is a very close linguistic, cultural and ethnic connection between the Europeans and the Indians as well as Persians, due to the ancient Indo-European language kinship. But there is no such kiship between the European and Arabian or Hebraic languages.



6) Putin’s question to Kellly in the course of that one-to-one interview is justified.

„Have you all lost your senses over there?“
He has said „senses“ here instead of „mind“ – indicating another Japanese Bu(shi)do or Buddhist basic tenet, namely:

That common sense and wisdom come about through relying on one´s own senses, empirical evidence or gut intuition –

and not on concepts, ideology, philosophy or beliefs!

One of the best political „senses“ based talks ever given is this detailled „answer“ of Vladimir Putin on the international „Valdai“ forum 2014 to that psychopathic, imperialist neoliberal collectivist „New World Order“ agenda:



7) Does the US –
with its crumbling infrastructure, a highly deficient school, university or professional education system, a house of cards economy based on the world’s reserve currency function of the dollar (maintained by a sort of desperate imperialism), the Wallstreet or „City of London“ fiat money bubbles and the highly mutated military production, but hardly on a global lead in any field of the real economy, an increasingly oppressive police state or the psychopathic corporate, Pentagon, CIA or NSA leaders, Zionists and Neokons with alien alter the poisoning activities through gmo, vaccination and especially geoengineering perpetrated in the whole washington-dominated West and its other vassal countries –
not have more than enough real problems?
8) It will be most interesting to see the detailled interviews with Vladimir Putin made by the great political American filmmaker Oliver Stone.
It will be strongly imparting that whole common sense or down-to-earth wisdom of Vladimir Putin and his spiritual integrity.
It has been published between June 12th and 15th on the channel „Showtime“.
Oliver Stone has accompanied Putin for two years with ca. 20 hours of interviews which he has condensed for that new film.
He considers Putin as fully authentic, too.




9) That such a highly developed person as Putin with all his close team is demonized by so many in the West just shows these three backgrounds:
A) The dominance of psycho- and sociopaths in Western politics, military and multinational corporations.
If these subhuman cacistocrats are confronted with those Russian leaders (Putin, Lavrov, Shoigu, Sacharowa …) it is like looking into a truly „human/e“ mirror, in which they behold their own abhorrent psychopathic face.
Thus hate and demonization result!
This is the psychological reason.
Of course the other reason is thatit is Russia today which is mainly preventing the realization of that cacistocratic „New World Order“ agenda.
See e. g. Vladimir´s Putin´s detailled talk on the „Valdai“ Forum 2014 (lthe ink is given at the end of point 6).
B) The (karmic) blindness, opportunistic order-following or lack of awarenss of:
The main stream media pressitutes, propagandists and whores, vassal politicians, bureaucrats and especially most of the academics, intellectuals and ideologues who have always been the main pillars of oppressive systems.
C) The dumb opportunism of numerous braindefiled, manipulated or even mind-controlled Western sheeple.
# True greatness demands respect!
Where people propagandistically reject Putin or his team out of swallowing Western propaganda lies they are just blindly going along with a psychopathic system and are renouncing on their own thinking and investigation.
The higher developed a person is internally the more or heavier the „Karma“ of the actions (intentions and views) towards that person weighs.
This is an ancient core teaching of the Buddha.
# Most Western „Buddhists“ are politically simply an indirect Buddho-Judeo-Christian support group of that imperialist neoliberal collectivist „New World Order“ agenda of the US-Israel-Saudi axis – under the guise of a „left“, „liberal“ or „progressive“ Buddho-Judeo-Christian religious smoke screen.
It seems that those believers have to go deeper into the clearly anti-monotheistic, atheist „Dharma“ (literally „that which“ truly „supports“) of the historical Buddha.
# The best start is always „Karma“ (see point 2 above).
It just means the true (!) quality of one’s own intentions and views.
Sharing or indirectly supporting e. g. imperialist, neoliberal views causing so much suffering today, and even just being indifferent to them, equals unwholesome Karma.
Energetically it is a „tuning into“ those destructive frequencies and „appropriating“ them to a certain degree.
10) There is a strongly growing minority not falling under this category.
For it, there needs to be reliance on truly independent information and a good knowledge how to protect and purify oneself mentally as well as physically (which is the topic for another text)!
Just take one example here – the TV.



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