What Truly Matters: The „Tantric“ Keys to awaken!

by Hans on 11/11/2020




Ancient North Indian „Greek“ Buddha statue from „Gandhara“

of the Greco-Indian kingdoms




U Dhammaloka (1856-1914)




What Truly Matters:

The ,Tantric´ Keys to Awaken!



On the real significance of the historical Buddha´s

practice teaching on the „Seeing Awareness“ of breathing

as a full path of awakening!




See the „Political Annotation“ further down: On why that topic is key to deeply understanding some principal current oppressive political agendas.



The Table of Contents:



The principal pillars of the Old Indian liberation practice for here and today:


I. The different, but intimately connected „Tantric“ keys to awaken


II. A summary of these keys to awaken


A) „Apaana“, the „Releasing Breath“

B) „Vyaana“, the „Cohering Breath“

C) „Samaana“, the „Incorporating Breath“

D) „Praana“, the „Foregoing Source Breath“

E) „Udaana“, the „Upflowing Breath“


III. Practically using those keys for liberation or awakening


A) The Three Marks of Existence

B) Deep versus shallow breath

C) The five levels of unfolding

D) The settling of the entanglers

E) Just follow the flows of internal energy

F) The Early Buddhist „Winds“

G) The „dharmic“ approach


IV. The Buddha’s key discourses on „Seeing Awareness“ (sati)


V. The overview


VI. The appendix





Eine der weltältesten Buddha-Statuen (Richard Mortel – freies Foto):
„Gandhara“-Kunst der griechisch-indischen Königreiche, nach Alexander dem Großen




From the introduction to that article:



The meaning of „Tantra“ (literally „The Waeve“):



This term is used here in its original and wide sense of a truly transformative spiritual practice outside of any religious hierarchies, mere belief systems, mental constructions, ritualism, or institutions:

Only and systematically proceeding from the seeming „ordinary“ or the „everyday“, the breathing process, the natural elements, our human body as a most highly evolved organic electrical system, or the immediate sense impressions.

It is the inner practice artfully „weaving“ the highest and the most beautiful out of the raw materials of the ordinary, the verifiable, the tangible, or the directly experiencable.


On the meaning of „Dharma“ see below:

Chapter III, and there paragraph G) „The dharmic spproach“.





Freies Foto: „Kushana“-Periode

Nordindien (100-250 n. u. Z.)


(Auch die weiteren Buddha-Darstellungen oben und unten sind frei.)



This should be deeply pondered beforehand:



All known translators of the historical Buddha’s discourses in the Pali Canon, whether from the large Buddhist traditions or academia, have wrongly translated the title or the subject of the historical Buddha’s principal discourse on conscious breathing as a complete path of liberation.

This discourse is the Aana-Apaana-Sati-Sutta (Middle Length Discourses 118).

An alternative English translation.


For the explanation of the correct and totally new translation with some of the irrefutable proves see further below in the main article.


The indologically correct translation of the key term „Aana-Apaana-Sati-Sutta“ is:


The Discourse „Sutta“ on Seeing Awareness „Sati“ within the (Five Vital) Breaths „Aana“ – for the purpose of the Releasing Breath „Apaana“


It is also the title or the topic of one whole chapter of the Systematic Discourses of the Buddha with various sources – the Aana-Apaana-Samyutta (Samyutta Nikaaya 54).


Full awareness of the breathing process is the core practice of Early Buddhism.

So if one gets that title or that topic wrong, one also gets the contents of that key discourse wrong.


In brief, that principal practice discourse of the Aana-Apaana-Sati-Sutta is essentially a „Tantric“ teaching:

With the meaning of „Tantra“ only in that original sense as summarized above!







The purpose:



The following article is, in rather practical terms for everybody in our times, about the „Vedic“ roots of the later „Tantric“ teachings of ancient India:

Whether in their subtle expressions within the historical Buddha´s discourses – as passed down with the „Pali Canon“ -, in the teachings of the Old Indic father of the spiritual yoga system, Patanjali, in the elaborations by the most formative Old Indic Buddhist „Mahasiddhas“ (grand Tantric accomplished ones), especially Naropa (his famous principal work, The Six Yogas, in the best available translation) and Tilopa, or in the contemporary American „Drukama“ practice tradition (e. g. with a larger number of instructive podcasts).

The increasingly conscious process of the „Vital Breaths“ – or mastering the connected inner body energy „Winds“ (vaayu) – are the true door to the universe inside or outside!







Please Note:




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A „political“ annotation:


On the hidden background of the current oppressive political agendas:


# The perpetrators of the „occult ritual“ of the corona-agenda know very well about the spiritual centrality of conscious breathing.

Here lies the „deepest“ reason for the mask wearing part of that ritual.

See e. g. Makia Freeman on that occult corona „initiation“ ritual into an oppressive „new normality“.


# That spiritual centrality of conscious breathing for the inner awakening is also the „deepest“ reason why our breathing air is systematically poisoned by the geoengineering.

See e. g. this key interview of the military insider Cody Snodgres by the „false flag“ expert Ole Dhammegaard:

Operation Indigo Skyfall

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