The Way of the Lotus: Blooming in the Sludge – A Spiritual-Political Poem on the Current World Situation!

by Hans on 03/06/2020


Hamburg (canal in the ward Alt-Wilhelmsburg)



The Way of the Lotus – Blooming in the Sludge!


A spiritual-political poem

on the current world situation!



© Hans Gruber, Hamburg, April 2020






All Buddhist technical terms appear in capitals“!


Including common English terms like „Intention“,

which has a key function in Early Buddhist psychology.





Table Of Contents:

1) The Control Agency

2) The Permitting Subagency

3) The Hidden Allies

4) Freedom

5) The Matrix

6) Leaving The Matrix

7) The Perfect Mirror

8) Since The Ancient Time

9) The Technocrat

10) The Collectivist

11) Prapanca

12) „Karma“ – Literally „What Effects“, Including Retroacts

13) The Usual Order-Follower

14) The Way Of The Lotus

15) Within The Grand Space

16) The Only Way



A key passage from the famous Kalama-Sutta of the historical Buddha

(in the translation by Soma Thera or by Bhikkhu Thanissaro):





Hamburg (in the ward Wilhelmsburg/Norderelbe):





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With various feedbacks and many images below it:



Preliminary Remark)


A Scottish activist friend, and poet, David Nicoll, asked me to contribute to an anthology of political and spiritual poems.

The following English contribution is a mergence of my political and spiritual messages.



Hamburg (canal in the ward „Alt-Wilhelmsburg“):





For both of these fields should not be separated!

Or, as the Thai Buddhist master Ajahn Buddhadasa has put it:


Human life has three dimensions:

The individual, the interpersonal, and the global dimension!

Or else, the existence as an individual, as a fellow being, and as an inhabitant of this world.


And this threefold existence involves three related spiritual duties:


To work internally on oneself

To elevate or to refine one´s relationships

To commit oneself to the welfare of the world,

in which we find ourselves in not by chance.



Hamburg (canal in the ward „Alt-Wilhelmsburg“):







That anthology is freely available as a pdf under this link!

It contains poems by activists from the whole world!


As a Kindle ebook it can be bought here.


David is the founder of the following anti-geoengineering group:

SMAAPP – Scottish Musicians and Artists against the Poisoning of our Planer


The own poem, The Way of the Lotus: Blooming in the Sludge

appears fully illustrated hereafter:






The Way of the Lotus – Blooming in the Sludge!



1) The Control Agency:


5 G, geoengineering, Haarp and chemtrails, gmo, glyphosate, or vaccinations:

They are all part of the „New World Order“ perfidious calculations!

In essence, they are the psychopathocratic „frequency“ of submission with its outflows:

Manifesting „total ego“‚ with its self-serving conviction of „anything goes“!


2) The Permitting Subagency:


But it requires the target population’s permitting subagency:

By collaboration, ignorant acquiescence, or blind consumerist impotency!

The servile puppets in the toxic mainstream media, Hollywood, science, and politics are trying their best to keep that subagency in place:

So that the puppet masters can continue hiding their true intentions and disgusting face!

For absent that widespread subagency that psychopathocratic frequency of submission

loses its willing receptacles:

Then it would reach out desperately –

grasping nothing with its slimy tentacles!





3) The Hidden Allies:


But it still has certain hidden „allies“ to realize its purposes through the backdoor:

Fear, anger, belief in that system’s „predictive programming“, hooked preoccupation, or underlying fascination act for that panting kraken as the „ingesting“ trapdoor!

All externals are ultimately „energy, frequency, and vibration“, as Nikola Tesla said, we either blindly follow and succumb to or we see, transcend, and overpower:

This is all we actually need to know to internally flower!

If you openly listen to e. g. the Soros, Gates, Musks, Wheelers, Bidens, Pompeios, Pences, Merkels, and Johnsons with all their shills you are taking in and feeding that parasitic vibration:

This can solely lead to your subtle disempowerment, corruption, and subordination!


The Jesuit, Sabbatean, and Zionist puppet masters with their collectivist „Mind Control“ and “Social Engineering” tools are pulling the strings,

to achieve their wet technocratic „New World Order“ submission dream:

But these are thwarted by the broadly pursued „Timeless Path“ of Ethical Motivation, Inner Calm, and Liberating Wisdom with its bright laser beam!







4) Freedom:


Freedom in the face of any happening means full „Seeing Awareness“:

Nursing that Ethical Thrust, Spiritual Equipoise, and Awakening Insight into the nature of all things, like a grand embracive governess!

This constitution of the heart-mind means to be truly safe:

For all unsettling rotations of the outer or the inner „world“ end in that still nave!



Hamburg (in the ward Wilhelmsburg/Norderelbe):





5) The Matrix:


The Matrix is the invisible spider web of the diverse contrived systems to keep the human individual’s vibrations or energies fettered and low:

Arranging for draining cycles of intention, will, view, and behaviour

in an endless row!


6) Leaving The Matrix:


Merely logical and evidential „Thinking for Oneself“ or „Selbstdenken“, as Arthur Schopenhauer put it, can truly penetrate and transcend the Matrix:

Merely creative imagination empowered in this very way can lead to the splendid, new or free reality – like the arising of the liberated Phenix!


„Wisdom through Selbstdenken“ is the foundation for the highest human unfoldment:

Via „Wisdom through Hearing“ and „Wisdom through Meditation“ into the quenching of all Not-Seeing, Thirsts, and Afflictions,

within the All-Pervasive Void´s total fulfilment!





7) The Perfect Mirror:


The human body’s material density is the perfect mirror for the universal energy:

It is an awesome „Tantric“ cosmos of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space carried and crafted by the „Five Vital Breaths“ in conscious synergy!

Forced into unnatural imbalance only by the constraints of the thirsting impulses and „Deceived Views“, with their ensuing bodily and vocal actions:

But at any time falling back into its natural balance on that “Timeless Path”’s taction!





8) Since The Ancient Time:


That perfect mirror is the sublime fact which is most well known by the „Born Psychopaths“ in Western power since the ancient time:

Driving them to concoct certain religious, educational, economic, medical, societal, or esoteric systems to hold the human individuals

in the collectivist, levelled, or dull line!


Among these systems is the „New Age“, too:

With its elaborate speculative syncretism undermining the incorruptible thinking, that is firmly rooted in logic and evidence:

In this way exploiting the human yearning for the all-encompassing unity,

to spoil any true sapience!


9) The Technocrat:


The systemic flipside of the „New World Order“ is called „Technocracy“:

It means the spiritually blind tunnel view of „Scientism“ in total autocracy!

Or else the internally undeveloped „Fachidiot”´s  ego developed a momentum of its own, in the delusion of grandeur:

In such a way a human being inevitably turns into a subhuman „control freak“ and fully deluded self-saboteur!


10) The Collectivist:


All oppressive ideologies and dictatorial regimes have one big common denominator:

Any levelling „Collectivism“, whether of the communist or the fascist kind, attempts to be all authentic individualism’s incinerator!

The „Collectivist“ is the disorientated, spiritually lost, or envy-driven human instrument  of the “born psychopaths in power”, or the psychopathocrats:

It is the “religious” ideologist schematizing into “believers” or “disbelievers” –

serving out of Ignorance, Thirsts, and Afflictions the orders of the slavocrats!







11) Prapanca:


The historical Buddha’s name for the „thought energy“ of Collectivism and Technocracy is „Prapanca“, translated „Conceptual Proliferation“:

It means all unsystematic or systematic conceptual patterns unconsciously directed by the ego’s intrinsic self-justification!

The „vulture“ of „Samsaric“ bondage has two wings – the „Affective Afflictions“ and that „Cognitive Multiplication“:

Both originate out of one´s inner void or non-fulfillment –

In a pointless attempt of compensation!


12) “Karma, Literally – “What Effects”, Including Retroacts:


The „Satanistic“ announcement of misdeeds to the victims does not free any acting “Stream of Consciousness” of the later „Karmic“ retribution:

To believe thus is a huge self-deception simply grown out of unwholesome Intentions and Views in an egomaniacal misattribution!

The Intentions and Views from one moment to another are the precursors of all Actions, jointly constantly shaping one’s “Heart-Mind”:

Deeply understanding this true cause of one´s future experiences in the “Cyclical Existence” or “Samsara”

would be the solution to all plights of humankind!







13) The Usual Order-Follower:


The usual order-follower in military, police, or bureaucracy denies responsibility:

In the other huge self-deception of „But I am just following the orders“:

The greatest idiocy!


The unbeneficial „View“ that this absolves them of responsibility is loathsome:

In view of the unbeneficial „Intention“ to implement what is unwholesome!


Intention and View preceding all action are the two pillars of one´s individual „Karma“:

Realizing this means true self-responsibilty –

In this way ensuring the practice of the historical Buddha’s awakening „Dharma“!







14) The Way Of The Lotus:


Just as the beauty of the blooming lotus is rooted in and nourished by the sludge:

Unswaying equanimity means this very lotus beyond all holding of the grudge!


Seeing the „Dependent Arising“ of all things –

that all experiences just mean growth tasks:

But this requires a truly clarified view of the world and of oneself –

in other words, freed of both masks!


15) Within The Grand Space:


Hosted, protected, and fully empowered within

the grand space of universal energy:

In those ways the individual’s life grows into

that all-pervasive field’s effigy!


Organically leaving behind all low or entangling outer and inner frequency:

By increasingly realizing the universe

in the human body’s immanency!







16) The Only Way:


The Fixation on External Appearances, Manipulability or the heart-mind´s Swaying, and the Belief „This is truly the Self!“ need to be overcome:

For entering the „Stream“, as the historical Buddha revealed it – for all „Black Magic“ control spells to break open, and for all dangers to be shun!


For, as the authentically wise throughout history say:

„The only way out is in!“


This is the only true „Lebenssinn“!


Within – and beyond – this world:

In the All furled!









A summary of the „Tantric“ subtle energies (mentioned in the poem)

of the awesome „cosmos“ of the human body!




Wait a moment until the following embedded pdf has been loaded – or just refresh the whole page!



The Human Body Is Subtle Energy:






For the practice details see this preceeding blog article:



The real greatness of the human being:

The Buddha´s timeless practice path to unlock one´s spritual potential!




Two more in-depth articles of mine on the ancient Indian Buddhist „Tantric“ energy spirituality

from the former American „Narrative“ platform will soon appear here on my blog!



Hamburg (in the ward Wilhelmsburg/Norderelbe):





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